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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Partnering with Businesses, Governments and Charities for Diversity, Inclusion, and Excellence in Reducing Inequality.

World Diversity Group is a leading consultancy dedicated to helping organisations create inclusive workplaces where diversity is celebrated, and all individuals are treated with respect and fairness. 

We work with our clients to develop customised strategies for diversity, inclusion, and human rights, integrating them into the fabric of their organisations. Through our collaborative approach, we empower organisations to build inclusive cultures that drive innovation, improve employee engagement, and enhance business performance.

Our track-record has seen us working with organisations from the tech sector such as Apple, BT, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony and Samsung in the medical sector with Medicine Sans Frontiers, the NHS, Imperial Health Charity, Premier Healthcare, across to the government and public policy sector with many national governments, UK Offices such as the HomeOffice, Ministry of Defence, internationally with the United Nations, the Council of Europe, The UNHCR, OCHR, and UNESCO.



People we've trained since 2003 (and counting)


Clients over 23 years


Consultants, Trainers & Colleagues in our group

Dr Tony Malone


Tony has been a leading figure in the implementation of Diversity, Inclusion and projects to reduce inequality for over 25 years. His work has helped shaped the current global commitment to creating a better world.

Tony founded our group in 2004 with Design for Diversity LLP, which has evolved to the World Diversity Group. One of the world's leading consultancies, think tank and training providers for Diversity and Inclusion.

Our core team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field. With many years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first-rate services to our clients.

Hannah Kibirige

Lead consultant

With a background in the D&I industry with Stonewall, The Scouts, and many projects working towards Social Justice Hannah brings a considered experienced approach to consulting.

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown


Dr Hannah is a leading disability rights activist and the former chair of the UKWomen's Equality Party.

Hannah is well known for her TV, Radio, and TickTock appearances and is currently a governor of the charity Motability.

Julie Newman


Julie is a human rights campaigner of over 50 years and former Chair of the UK Disabled People's Charities Council.

Julie brings her knowledge of accessibility auditing, training and community engagement. 

Daniel Campbell

Corporate Specialist
(Photo coming soon)

Daniel is a race equity campaigner who's work in France and Germany has helped shaped their laws regarding equity in race discrimination.

Daniel works with us as a corporate planner, ensuring we look to our own business planning alongside supporting the work of our clients.

We are all a part of the interconnected world.

Embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an unwavering commitment to creating a world where prosperity and environmental stewardship coexist harmoniously. By working towards these goals, we embark on a journey to alleviate global inequality while safeguarding our planet's future.

From eradicating poverty to promoting quality education, addressing gender equality, and fostering sustainable communities, the SDGs provide a holistic framework for building a more equitable and sustainable world. Tackling global inequality goes hand in hand with preserving the environment, as we strive to adopt sustainable practices that mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity. 

By aligning our actions with the SDGs, we forge a path towards a future where social progress and environmental responsibility are interconnected, fostering a world where every individual can thrive while respecting the delicate balance of our planet.

Professional experience

We have been proudly delivering D&I training for over 23 years. Our work has been recognised for shaping equalities laws and progressive values across the world. Here are a few of our awards we have received.

Dalai Lama World Peace Medal 2021

Awarded for our work in both Diversity and Inclusion Globally and for the opportunities for a more peaceful world we have brought through our endeavours.

National Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2022

Outstanding achievement award for our CEO Tony Malone from the WalesOnline D&I Awards.  National recognition for the work in particular in youth development organisations for Diversity & Inclusion.

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